A Dog's Walk Bakery in Flagstaff

Come By the "Bread Box" for fresh baked sourdough bread 

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Some of Our Bread Selection

Note: Daily Offerings Change Daily So While We May Not Have These Breads All the Time We Will Have A Fresh Baked Variety, Utilizing Local and Seasonal Ingredients

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Visit the "Bread Box"

We encourage you to come check out the "Bread Box" for your next loaf of bread. The "Bread Box" is our self-serve bread center that allows our customers to enjoy our fresh baked bread on your time. 

A Dog's Walk Bakery

1725 N Kutch Dr, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001, United States

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8:00 am – 6:00 pm


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About Us

A Dog's Walk Bakery in Flagstaff


Our story began with walking our dogs in the neighborhood or woods talking about bread making and the different flavors we could make.  Adam is a former head chef at a local restaurant and started baking as a hobby and then for the restaurant. This hobby grew into a passion and we want to share that passion with you.  After lots of talks on walks we decided to open A Dog’s Walk Bakery. 

We are a home bakery that uses the AZ Home Baked and Confectionery Goods program. 

Neighborhood Bakery in Flagstaff

We are located in South Coconino Estates.   Outside (Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun) you will find our fresh baked bread in the blue filing cabinet (bread box).  Each drawer is labeled with the bread that is in that drawer. This idea came up as we watched so many people walking by that we hoped a self help station would work, and it has! Just remember, we are just a dog’s walk away. 

Assorted Sourdough Bread in Flagstaff

We love experimenting with new and exciting flavors and ingredients. So you can expect a wide variety of new and unique loaves of bread.